what to look for or watch out for in condo associations

Property management services are becoming more and more popular across the globe, and maybe no more so than in the condominium spectrum. Condo association management services can play a huge role in helping a community function well concerning relationships, rules, and regulations. They act to prevent problems from arising as well as work toward solutions if and when they do. There are varying levels of professionalism within these services, of course, as with any other business. Here are a few of the things to look for as you and your neighbors seek out a competent management service.

Accidents: How resourceful is the company you are considering for the job? Any good property management service will have plentiful resources in the case of contractor accidents. For example, if a lawn crew is going through the neighborhood and a rock flies out from underneath a mower hitting and breaking your window, what do you do? Battling this problem alone can prove to be a lost cause in many cases, as there can be denial and refusal to admit wrongdoing. However, with a condo association behind you, there is little chance of this happening. Compare it to going to court alone or with a seasoned lawyer. Management companies have been through these situations before and have the renter in mind, seeking reparations for you.

Infestation: More than just hiring an exterminator professional, experienced management companies are familiar with many different structures of homes and condos, and routinely do sweeps of their contracted neighborhoods. During these sweeps, they check for structural damage, commonly resulting from termite infestation. This may seem like a task for a different entity, but property management services must be well-versed in this phenomenon. If condos become infested, the entire structure is at risk of [eventual] collapse, drastically decreasing the value of any and all homes in the community. Maintaining upkeep and resident satisfaction are the goals of these services.

Experience: Experience doesn’t just come overnight. In fact, even if a company has been in business for years, it doesn’t mean it is ready for the tasks you’ve hired them to undertake. Consider a management company that has been in business for a long time, for example, twenty years. But they’ve only been managing one or two communities in roughly the same area. This means that they are most likely equipped to handle the same common problems over and over. But if a management company has branched out and has experience in other parts of the country, they can be up to the task of handling issues that are not regionally-specific. This can be especially beneficial in the case of condo management, as many people move in and out of condos, sometimes only using them as temporary residence until their homes are built.

Enforcing Covenants: Covenants, or laws of the community, are democratically created to ensure the safety and liberties of each condo owner. If there are infractions of these rules, it can be difficult to individually try and solve these issues, as it can cause problems in relationships which can spread like a disease in communities. By acting as the “Enforcer”, this can relieve the headaches of condo owners when situations arise.

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