Why Choose a Condo vs a House – Pros & Cons

While buying a property it becomes confusing, especially for first time buyer, to choose between a condo and a traditional house. It is one of the most important decisions to be made while buying a property beside its location. They have to choose whether to buy a condominium offering only living space inside it along with some common area of the building to use or a house along with ownership of the land under it. They will have to consider various factors to make a wise decision in this regards along with the pros and cons of the housing spaces of both types. Some pros and cons of condos and single family houses are provided here under to give you the reasons of buying a condo instead of a house.

Pros of purchasing a house

The complete control on remodelling or making changes in house without seeking permission from anyone else is the main benefit of buying a single family house.

Availability of additional outdoor and indoor space to accommodate pets and children of the family is another benefit of buying a house.

The third benefit of buying a house is the availability of more storage space at the attic, basemen or closets etc.

And above all more privacy than a condo as neighbours cannot live in your close proximity.

Cons of buying house

The owner of a house is completely responsible for the inside as well as outside maintenance of the property along with upkeep and care of trees and yard, unlike in condo.

You will have to buy some additional tools and equipment for the maintenance of the house you want to purchase.

Though the maintenance of the house will increase its resale value and reputation but you will have to invest lots of time and money for this purpose.

The availability of additional space in a house than a condo also usually increases utility bills

Pros of buying a condo

The increasing demand of living in urban areas has encouraged buying condos than house during recent few years.

The condos normally developed in urban areas have restaurants, shops and the places of interest at their close proximity, just at walking distance.

Some of the establishments offering condos offer amenities like a resort including fitness centres and pools etc. which can be a costly affair for a house buyer.

Moreover e lifestyle of condos is more convenient for the people with busy work schedule as they need not care much about their maintenance.

The buyers of a condo has to care only for the interior of their living space as the fee paid to association covers up the cost of external maintenance along with the maintenance of structural components etc.

The condos provide a sense of safety and community which cannot be expected while buying a house

Cons of buying a condo

The association fee paid additional to the monthly mortgage for the maintenance of amenities and building is the main drawback of buying a condo

Certain rules and restriction linked with condos are not liked by many people

Thus after going through the pros and cons of buying a condo or a house you can easily decide to buy a condo better than a house due to today’s busy lifestyle.

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